Another Country Exhibition at The Courtyard

Bridget Macdonald presents Another Country, an exhibition of her work at The Courtyard, between Saturday 11 January to Saturday 15 February.

Inspiration for this exhibition came from an artist’s residency that Bridget took in April 2019 at the reclaimed country estate of Michael Baron de Styrcea at Valeni in the remote North East of Romania. While there, she met some of the older people of the village who still have the skills to be self-sufficient on two hectares of land.

The works, which came out of this experience, form the nucleus of this exhibition along with drawings and paintings on other rural themes. Some images invoke memories and stories from the farming family Macdonald grew up in. Others are landscapes she knows well: the country around the Malvern Hills, where she now lives and the Isle of Wight where she was born. Some have their source in other journeys in Europe over the last few years.

Bridget is based in Malvern but she and her husband own 10 acres of land just over the border in Herefordshire where they have planted an orchard of old local varieties of apples. Orchards and apples have become a recurring theme within Another Country, with all the associations they call to mind.

Bridget Macdonald has had solo exhibitions at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Worcester City Art Gallery and Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight. Her work is in the collections of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Worcester City Art Gallery and the House of Lords at 1 Millbank in London. She has also exhibited regularly with Art First in London over many years.

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