Innovation is the answer. Have we forgotten the question?

WINN invites the Worcestershire business community to discuss this topic at their forthcoming interactive WINN Wednesday ‘Knowledge Cafe’ event.

WINN, a joint initiative by Worcestershire County Council and the Worcestershire LEP that aims to foster and promote a new culture of innovation across the diverse business landscape of Worcestershire, invites all Worcestershire businesses to their forthcoming interactive WINN Wednesday ‘Knowledge Cafe’ event taking place on Wednesday 5 April 5.30pm–8.30pm at the University Arena, Hylton Road, Worcester.

The aim of the event is to awaken participants’ interest in the role of conversation in businesses by discussing the open question ‘Innovation is the answer. Have we forgotten the question?’

WINN suggests that innovation is being touted across all industries, all government departments and throughout the education systems of the world as the ‘answer’, but the answer to what? Are we all forgetting that innovation is a response to a problem?

Using innovative thinking and problem solving in a safe, non-judgemental environment, David Gurteen will lead the attendees through an interactive ‘Knowledge Café’ which he has done around the world for some of the biggest corporate names. David has built a global learning community of over 22,000 people in 160 countries.

The Knowledge Café Concept
Today, managers often know less about an issue than their staff. They are too far away from the coal face, and the world is changing too rapidly for them to keep up.

One of the best ways to make sense of an issue or challenge and ultimately make better decisions and to innovate is to bring a diversity of people together in open conversation, in dialogue.

Knowledge Cafés are best convened where there are many stakeholders and opinions, and there are no right or wrong answers.

Examples include:

• To achieve a breakthrough in a tough dilemma or problem
• To deal with the interaction between people or departments, focusing on attitude or behaviour
• To explore or brainstorm issues, challenges, opportunities, possibilities or risks

The café can also be used to surface a group’s collective knowledge; to learn from each other; share ideas and insights and gain a deeper understanding of a topic and the issues involved,

In addition, it helps connect people, improves interpersonal relationships, breaks down organisational silos, and improves trust and engagement.

WINN Wednesday
The regular business networking event ‘WINN Wednesday’ is a free event, open to businesses of all sizes, that encourages all to openly discuss all aspects of business, social and cultural innovation.

The upbeat event is punctuated with engaging and motivational business speakers sharing their insights and thoughts. In previous events the attendees have heard from notable local companies such as PCA Predict, QinetiQ, The Malvern Festival Of Innovation, Green Gorilla Apps, The University Of Worcester, GTech, Scattermedia, Magic Whiteboard Limited, Maggs Day Centre and many more.

To attend the event interested parties from across Worcestershire can register online at