Kanes Garden gives pupils food for thought

Evesham-based fresh produce supplier Kanes Foods welcomed pupils from The Littletons C of E First School to give them a taste of the great outdoors in its ecological garden.

Kanes Foods invited the children along to find out where food comes from and also to learn all about the environment, which is part of their national curriculum. The aim of the visit was to discover more about the garden’s purpose, which has helped to generate and develop more wildlife in the area.

The garden, including a large pond that is the foundation of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) for Kanes’ salad factory, is home to a variety of species, including nesting mallards, frogs, toads, newts, grass snakes, bulrushes and reeds. Not only is the garden a home for wildlife, but it is also used as a recreational area for staff to enjoy in their breaks.

Sally Foxall, teacher at The Littletons C of E First School, said: “This was a great opportunity for the children to learn where fresh food comes from, and ties in perfectly with the science curriculum next year when they will be learning more about the environmental impact and the benefits of gardens of this kind. A number of students know some of the staff at Kanes Foods, so it’s really beneficial for them to see the environment in which they work, right on their doorstep.”

Kanes Foods and the school have been working together closely for the past few years, as the company has helped to develop and maintain a Peace Garden in the school for the children to enjoy.

The children were given a tour around the garden by Clive Champion, projects & engineering director, and Jennie Waldron, environmental management controller of Kanes Foods.

Jennie said: “As a company, we feel very privileged to be based in a place as beautiful as Middle Littleton, and we believe in having close ties with our local community as well as being sympathetic to our surroundings. It was great to have one of the local schools come and visit us; the children were very interested in the wildlife in our garden and asked Clive lots of questions. For us, we want to show children where food comes from and how it’s necessary to be environmentally responsible on a scale as big as ours.”

Kanes Foods, located on Cleeve Road in Middle Littleton, has been the leading supplier of prepared fresh produce including salads, vegetables and stir fries in the UK for almost 30 years.

Its eco-factory has what is thought to be the UK’s largest bio-diverse wildflower grass roof, which is planted with nearly 90 species of indigenous flora and is shaped to blend in with the Cotswold landscape. For many years, Kanes Foods has worked closely with locals on a number of projects, including the Peace Garden for the school, to help develop a strong sense of community.

For further information about Kanes Foods, visit www.kanesfoods.co.uk.

Caption: (Clockwise from top left) Michael Meadows, Paige Ponting, Josie Mallows, Lachlan Emslie and Helen Bowld with Jennie Waldron.