Peter Gill presents the songs of Tom Lehrer . . . Vintage satire still engaging 60 years on

In the latter part of the 1950s, rock ’n’ roll was changing popular music forever. At the same time satirist Tom Lehrer was competing with the music revolution and causing his own kind of mayhem both sides of the Atlantic. His sharp wit was uniquely original, illustrating to the teenage rebellion that change had come in all forms of the art world. Lehrer sang of Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, doing The Masochism Tango and getting IT (VD) from Agnes. His dark humour gave us the darkly comic Irish Ballad and Hold Your Hand In Mine. His romantic nature brought him to write the love song When You Are Old and Grey and his love of science invoked in him the desire to put the elements of the periodic table to a Gilbert and Sullivan melody.

To celebrate the 90th birthday of Tom Lehrer: pianist, vocalist and all-round entertainer, Peter Gill presents the best-loved songs of the master satirist in a 90-minute show to be held at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester on Thursday 31 May. Entitled Politically Incorrect – The Songs of Tom Lehrer, the audience will relive the golden days of cutting satire and enjoy once again such gems as Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, I Got it from Agnes, The Masochism Tango, The Irish Ballad, I Hold Your Hand in Mine, Pollution, Smut, When You Are Old and Grey, The Elements and Oedipus Rex.

Peter Gill has a string of touring and West End credits to his name as a performer, producer and writer, which are as varied as the dramatic performance in Meet Tommy Atkins to the impersonation of Jerry Lee Lewis in The Jerry Lee Lewis Story and Rock n Roll Paradise. Peter is also well known as the Musical Director of 60s pop star and actress Anita Harris who was recently seen on ITV’s Last Laugh in Vegas.

Politically Incorrect – The Songs of Tom Lehrer will be performed at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester on Thursday 31 May 2018.
Tickets are priced at £14.50
Box office:01905 611427