Vive La Différence, the Vintage Champagne van re-launch

Worcester-based company, The Champagne Collection, has announced the re-launch of its unique Vintage Champagne Van service. Now offering more leading Grand Marque Champagnes and sought-after Artisan Champagnes, plus a re-launch discount of 15 per cent until 30 June 2017, the service will bring a sparkling ‘difference’ to weddings and outdoor events in the Worcestershire and Cotswolds regions. The service features the fully licensed and insured Citroen H van; kept in pristine condition, the van can be stocked and themed to become an integral part of any event, and the supply of glass wear and an adjacent seating area is also included. As well as being offered fully stocked and staffed, the van can also be hired on its own.

The story behind The Champagne Collection began in France in 1999. Owner Peter Pedrick was living and working in Paris, and on many weekends would often venture to Champagne and sample the cuvees of the winemakers. Through what became regular pilgrimages, Peter’s passion for champagne was born and The Champagne Collection was developed and launched following the establishment of close personal contacts with some of the best producers in the region. Hence, the selections offered in the Vintage Champagne Van represent 17 years of accumulated expertise and Peter takes great care to ensure that his exclusive range always offers outstanding quality.

Peter said: ‘Our Vintage Champagne Van service enables our event clients to offer champagne by the glass with all the requirements of running a bar accommodated. The eye-catching vehicle is rich in heritage and has been beautifully restored, retaining many original features, ensuring event guests have a focal point from which to enjoy superb champagne, making the experience extra special’.

As with the market expectations of any bespoke offering, the maintenance of the highest service standards form an important part of the company’s ethos. As well as personal service from the owner, all other staff involved in serving guests will be suitably dressed and able to engage knowledgeably and professionally with all types of people.

Peter and the Vintage Champagne Van will be at the Worcester Motor Festival on Saturday 20 May and Droitwich Food Festival on Saturday 17 June.